Three Wise Men

(Matthew + Seuss + Sarah B)

Once upon a time, in the land we came from

There lived a dangerous man who was rich and not dumb

His name was Herod, and he became king

And soon made it clear that he would own everything

And though he was rich he was also afraid

That he would be punished for the mistakes he had made

But he thought that more money might lessen his fears

So he took and he ruled, closed his eyes and his ears

All over the kingdom, the people were scared,

hungry and worried, and it seemed no one cared.

And some of them searched for a way they could cope

and went looking for people who might give them some hope.

One of these people (called prophets back then)

told a story of how they would be safe again

when a child was born who would make everything right,

bring everyone hope in one single night.

He would become king and be gentle and kind

and they'd live with joy and great peace of mind.

Well, stories they spread, see, and soon Herod heard

that a new king had been born, and he said a bad word

He would stop this from happening; he would not let this be

So he called all his people, and chose his most trusted three

And though they were trusted, he still told them a lie

Because his terrible plan was that the baby should die.

He told his three soldiers to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh

(That was money to them, and a lot, to be sure.)

He said bring me the child, so I might welcome him too

But I think they had some idea what he planned to do.

And off the three went with their gifts and their orders

To find this most famous baby across Bethlehem's borders

To find a child, a king, already so rich and strong

That he'd be more frightening than Herod before very long.

But instead, when they got there to their great surprise

They found a child in a barn surrounded by flies.

And as they stood watching, one after another

Poor people brought help to the child and his mother.

A blanket for warmth, some food and some drink -

The three men just watched, not knowing what they should think.

They said "is this the king of whom prophets have told?"

And a woman said "Perhaps, but we can't let him be cold.

For a child is a gift, whether you're rich or you're poor

And though we all may need something, this child deserves more.

And if we can help these people live through the night

Then maybe tomorrow the world will seem right

I don't know from kings' riches and powerful deeds

I just know tonight this child has what he needs.

And his safety and warmth and his mother's kind, grateful smile

Are all we need here to go on for awhile."

And the three men quickly realized Herod's biggest mistake

For real wealth doesn't come from the things that you take

The child needed help that the people could give

And that they could help made them happy to live

Without money or power and all Herod had

They stood in this barn, their hearts full and glad.

They gazed at a child, the one born that night,

And though there was only candle, there was plenty of light

To see peace in the future and hope here and now

That this child, this night, would make a difference somehow.

Peace y'all.



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