This is the current work in progress. Will include new tracks as well as new arrangements of older tracks; probably all live.
Blues Outside

Here are some of the new tracks, none final:

live at Elastic Arts (Chicago) with Bob Goins July 07
studio version w/ Alex Hall on drums and keys. recorded by Andy Sabin.
recorded by Bob Goins
live at the Loozers Lounge, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 07, recorded by George Green
this one will take you to George Green's You Tube page for video (live, Sarah B vox & piano)
live with Bob Goins at Elastic July 07, Sarah B on vox & piano
Wild Ride Wild Ride, Sarah B & The Gist, 2003 (click the image for detailed credits)
One Hand Tied
One Hand Tied, Sarah B, 1999    
get it at Sarah B or CD Baby sorry ya'll but i gotta sell something.  
but here's live versions of 2 tunes just for grins:  
with Bob Goins at Elastic Arts July 07  
about 2 am at the Loozers Lounge, Falcon Ridge 07  
Dog Tracks CD
Dog Tracks: Songs by Dogs, 2008
all songs written by Bob Dorman; produced by Bob Dorman & Sarah B
features a bunch of Chicago greats like the Amoreys, Micki Croisant, Ilsabe O'Connell & Bill Brickey
Here's the one song featuring Sarah B (vocals, guitar, bass) as well as Brickey, Micki & Jon Levitt:
Click the image to go to the Dog Tracks CD website - that's where you can buy it and benefit animal rescue efforts


Sarah B